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Practice Areas

Intellectual Property and
Labor Law

In conjunction with the law firms HERRERA LABORALISTAS and JOSÉ ROBERTO HERRERA VERGARA EU, HERRERA DIAZ ABOGADOS offers different services oriented to protect the intangibles assets created under labor law agreements or works created by independent contractors These services include:

  • Legal Consultancy oriented to the legal protection of computer programs (software) and other intangible assets created under labor law contracts or independent contractors’ agreements.
  • Drafting of Agreements oriented to protecting works and inventions originating from labor or civil law relationships. (Works made-for-hire agreements, trade secrets agreements, sale agreements etc.)
  • Legal representation before courts and administrative entities in cases of trade secrets infringements.

Every Step of the Way

Copyright, Author’s Rights and Neighboring Rights

Legal consultancy oriented to protect copyrights, author’s rights and neighboring rights. In order to fulfil this goal, the firm provides the following services to authors, actors, interpreters, executors, phonographic producers, radio-broadcasting organizations, and in general every person or entity involved in the creation of works protected under copyright law.

  • Registration of Works before the National Author’s Rights Office.
  • Negotiation and drafting of different types of agreements (copyright sale, edition and co-edition agreements, licensing agreements, legal assistance before collecting societies).
  • Legal assistance before court and administrative entities in cases of copyrights, author’s rights or neighboring rights infringements.

About the Founding

Associate Attorney Foreign Law Department. Trademark and Patent international applications. Associate Attorney Litigation Department. Intellectual Property litigation. Bogota, Colombia.

Munich, Germany: LL.M. Tutor All areas of Intellectual Property, Competition, Tax Law and IP related issues.

Internship Patent and Technology Department. Report Leader for the Investigation on Patent Enforcement of SIEMENS’ intellectual property and specifically patents.  Munich, Germany.

Bogotá, Colombia: Ad-honorem consultancy for the Free Trade Agreement with the United States negotiations in relation to the Intellectual Property law chapter. Bogota, Colombia.

Copyright, Authors´ Right and New Media Law consultancy. Labor law and Social Security Consultancy. Bogotá, Colombia.

Taking I.P. to the next level.

Entertainment Law

In order to protect the economic and moral interests of actors, musicians, athletes, models, broadcasters, multimedia producers and members of the entertainment industry, the firm offers the necessary related services, inter alia:

  • Legal consultancy regarding rights to one’s own image and social security of members of the entertainment industry.
  • Negotiation, drafting and revision of agreements of labour law contracts, work made-for-hire agreements, independent contractors’ agreements, rights of publicity and licensing agreements.
  • Administrative and judicial assistance aimed to protect moral and economic interests of image, publicity and privacy rights.
  • Specialized consultancy for video game developers.

With Knowledge

Internet, Technology and New Media Law

Conscious of rendering a specialized and adapted consultancy according to current technological changes, HERRERA DIAZ ABOGADOS offers many services, including:

  • Specialized consultancy directed to the computer industry, with the purpose of protecting all intellectual property around computer programs by means of licensing and sale agreements. Likewise, the firm specialises in matters associated with Creative Commons and GPL.
  • Legal assistance in relation to the negotiation, drafting and revision of technology transfer agreements.
  • Legal assistance and investigations related to Internet intellectual property rights infringement.
  • E-commerce, registration, constructions of web sites.
  • Assistance on Domain Names Dispute Resolution procedures (under the new UDRP scheme).
  • Legal assistance oriented to protect personal data  on the Internet.


Industrial Property

  • Legal consultancy oriented to the prosecution and registration of industrial property rights.
  • Trademark searches, patents and prior art searches.
  • Trademark, patents, industrial designs, utility models, plant varieties and denominations of origin applications.
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications.
  • Assistance in the registration of trade names.
  • Drafting and negotiation of licensing and sales of industrial property rights.
  • Consultancy and legal assistance in cases of industrial property rights infringement.
  • Drafting, negotiation and revision of franchise agreements.


Other Services

  • IP Rights management.
  • Corporate and social responsibility assistance oriented to protect intellectual property rights and traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples.
  • Educational training to companies oriented towards the legal protection of intellectual property rights, Internet and new media law.
  • Educational training to entertainment industry members oriented towards media law, entertainment and intellectual property law.

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