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is established in Colombia and was created to satisfy the needs of domestic and foreign clients requiring legal consultancy and litigation oriented to protecting their intellectual property and intangible assets. In order to protect its client’s interests, the firm specializes  in the fields of Copyright, Industrial Property, Entertainment and New Media Law.


The firm was founded by JOSÉ ROBERTO HERRERA DÍAZ, an attorney from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Bogota, Colombia, who holds an LL.M. in Intellectual Property and Competition Law of the MIPLC through the Max Planck Institute from Munich, The University of Augsburg, The Technical University of Munich, and George Washington University in the USA. Its founder has professional and educational experience in Colombia and Germany, and has published works including “Ownership of Copyright in Works created in Employment Relationships: Comparative study of the laws of Colombia, Germany and the United States of America”.

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